I customise the way I work with each client depending on their needs and preferences. Some come with one particular issue they wish to work on, some like to benefit from the more holistic approach.

Below is a range of services that can be customised to meet your needs.

While you can certainly get profound results from a single session, I highly recommend multiple sessions for more complex, long-standing issues or for significant transformation. There are discounts for multiple sessions booked upfront.

Just get in touch by email to organise a free 20 min Skype or phone call to discuss working together and how I can help you.



Before we work together, let's connect over Skype or on the phone so we can discuss which package or treatment is right for you. You get to hear about the treatments in more detail, ask any questions you might have and we can assess if I am the right practitioner for you at this time. If you need something I don't offer I am always happy to recommend you to someone else in my network.


£1500/ 12 wks, 12 sessions, personalised visualisation MP3s & email or Wasap coaching support between sessions

When you want to kick start a new you, go deep with your transformation and commit to making some powerful shifts in your life, relationships, health, confidence and your creative work, this one is for you.

This includes:

a) 12 sessions of Life and Law of Attraction Coaching with EFT and Matrix Re-Imprinting, Clinical Hypnosis and NLP as required.

These sessions will be structured as follows:

  • Week1: 1x 3hr breakthrough session or 2 x 90 sessions.

  • Week 2 to 8: 1 x 1 hr session a week for 7 weeks. 

  • Week 9 to 12: 1 x 1hr session a fortnight for the remaining 4 weeks

b) A personalised visualisation MP3 for your manifestation goals.

c) Coaching support between sessions via wasp or email.

Female Hypnotherapy Patient


£125 per session

Deep subconscious work allowing you to upgrade old patterns, beliefs and behaviours to ones that better support the life and well being you desire.


Sessions last 90 mins

Block bookings x 6 = £480

Block bookings x 3 = £255

Single sessions = £95

EFT & Matrix Reimprinting can be helpful in releasing blocks, fear, anxiety, stress, depression, old traumas, negative subconscious beliefs and healing the root cause of various physical or emotional conditions and unhelpful patterns in your life.

Sessions last between 90 mins to 2 hours depending on the issue and are conducted over Skype or in person (TBD).


Sessions last 90 mins

Single sessions = £95

It's never too late to have a beautiful birth. Releasing trauma, disappointment or judgment from your birth experience and replacing it with a beautiful bonding one, can have profound healing benefits for both you and your child.

Likewise, healing your own birth can be deeply healing as your earliest pre-conscious memories affect how you feel about the world, your place in it and how you relate to other people. 


Sessions last 90 mins

Block bookings x 6 = £480

Block bookings x 3 = £255

Single sessions = £95

Writers/creators block. We've all been there. It's like all the inspiration has just dried up and gone and you're worried it will never return. Or maybe you are just stuck finishing a specific piece of work. Wherever you are, let's work together to get your creativity confidently and consistently flowing again.


£95/ 25min recording

A guided visualisation and meditation that specifically focuses on your personal manifestation goals.