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If you feel the wind blow through you as if you’re barely there and find yourself wishing you weren’t.

If you feel full of emptiness, numbness or a pain you can’t define.

If you are exhausted by faking your way through everyday day trying to hold it together, only to collapse at the end of it and be unable to sleep or you have exhausting, vivid nightmares.

If you feel like the threads that keep you together are all tatters and it’s only a matter of time before the last one breaks.

If no matter what you do, try or think, nothing changes the way you feel.

You need to know two things:

1) You can get better

2) You are not alone

Depression lies to us and tells us that this is just the way we are; that we’ll never feel any better, that no-one will miss us and that we’re not worthy, not good enough, perpetually failing and other nuggets of ‘doomdom’. They are all lies.

You matter more than you can possibly comprehend.

There are techniques, medication, programmes, exercises, diets, meditations, lifestyles, communities and healing that work. You just need to find the right combination that works for you to get the healing you need. You don’t need to suffer in silence. It’s a journey but not one that you have to take alone.



Reach out to the right people. The right friends. People that get you. Speak to professionals. Seek therapies and therapists that you resonate with. Speak to your GP.



Be kind to yourself. Rock bottom is what we build foundations on



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Image of silhouette against sunset. Ruth A-D
When the wind blows through you

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