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Goal setting, planning and reviewing


Self-honesty, awareness and discipline


Next level awesomeness and growth

Goal setting plays an important part of my work with clients. Without a clear focus on what we want to achieve and someone holding us accountable, our fears and doubts can get the better of us in sometimes sneaky and subtle ways.

Distractions, procrastination, hesitations or negative self-talk are just some of the ways that resistance can show up can hold us back.

The anti-dote is focus, commitment, support and resilience.

Set that goal and then deal with the obstacles as they reveal themselves, whether they are mental, emotional, physical or strategic.

Find the strategies, support, skills or healing you need to consistently take baby steps or even leaps and bounds, in the direction of your goals.

Tips for manifesting goals:

  1. Writing down and committing to your compelling goals and your big ‘why’ is the first step in creating the focus you need to see them through.

  2. Create a compelling vision of your goal being achieved. Focus on the feeling of this becoming a reality for 5 to 10 mins a day. Then let it go and relax in the knowing that it’s on its way.

  3. Take inspired action, daily. no matter how small.

  4. When blocks, self-sabotaged, discomfort, skills gaps or challenges show up (which they will if your goal is big enough); reach out, seek advice, healing, coaching, apps, courses, strategies, skills, extend your network and ultimately grow through the challenge.

  5. Acknowledge your efforts and growth. Have gratitude for both the challenge and the solutions.

  6. Set some more goals!

  7. Enjoy the journey

Leonie makes goal setting, for life and business, creative, fun and inspiring, as it should be.

Really enjoying these work books …and this beautiful February sunshine!

How do you do your goal setting? What strategies do you have in place to overcome inevitable challenges? Who's in your support network to offer feedback and moral support when you need it?

If you think coaching or some support clearing emotional or mental blocks is in order, get in touch to see see how I can support you achieving your big vision and goals with more ease and enjoyment.

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