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Creative Blocks Released

Releasing powerful inspiration


Up to 90 mins Session ​

Block bookings x 6 = £499

Block bookings x 3 = £270

Single sessions = Please contact me to discuss

The world needs your light, your music, your art, your words. If you are feeling creatively blocked and like inspiration has abandoned you, come to see me.

I am highly motivated to support your connection to your best, most authentic, creative self. As a creative person myself you can be sure to find me both empathetic and armed with a range of tools and practices to assist you.

We can also look at any energetic healing that might need to go on or blocks around stage fright, public speaking, releasing your work, fear of criticism and finding your true voice.

If we've not worked together before, book a 20min free consultation session to ask any questions you might have first.

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