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Ruth Anderson-Davis

Supporting highly-sensitive creatives, coaches, & conscious business-owners, with their well-being, mission and mindset.

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My name is Ruth

I am a multi-passionate creative, coach, and therapist.

With one foot in both the creative and healing arts, I create music, products, and experiences that support conscious, highly sensitive, seekers, on their personal and spiritual development journeys.  

Focusing on healing self-worth conflicts that are common with highly sensitive people, alongside transcending past wounds and negative beliefs. My aim is for you to feel both lifted, deeply transformed, and empowered to be the best, most conscious version of yourself at this important time.

Many of my clients are highly-sensitive, creatives, artists, coaches, therapists, solo-preneurs, or intuitive seekers that are interested in doing the deep work at a higher perspective.

I am also an active songwriter and multi-creative, and advocate for people pursuing the things that light them up. I believe that conscious, fulfilled people help heal the world, along with themselves.

I have advanced qualifications in EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Matrix Reimprinting, Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP, Coaching, and Reiki (alongside other energy therapies). 

See below to find out more.

An introduction to services available


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Clearing your subconscious blocks and traumas so you are free to be the most empowered version of yourself.


Healing birth trauma for both mother and baby.

Creative Blocks Released


Releasing powerful inspiration and clearing creative blocks and performance anxiety.

Personal Coaching


Harness the incredible power of your mental and emotional focus to consciously create a life you love. Combines transformational Coaching, NLP and Law Of Attraction practice.

Female Hypnotherapy Patient


Deep subconscious work for profound change. Upgrading old beliefs and habits and providing you with new tools to support your well-being.



Taking a holistic approach, we look at where you are now compared to where you want to be and together we create a road map to get you there.

I use a range of tools to create a bespoke program to meet your needs:

From Transformational Life Coaching techniques, NLP, Hypnosis (where suitable), Law of Attraction Coaching alongside, energy therapies and healing modalities such as EFT & Matrix Reimprinting. These techniques allow us to access and gently release sub-conscious traumas or unhelpful beliefs that might be holding you back and can even contribute to stress and health issues.

When your subconscious beliefs align with your conscious desires and an effective action plan, your true creative power is revealed. Not just in your creative ambitions but in your health, happiness, and life as a whole.

Why creativity & sensitivity?


The creativity & sensitivity connection...

It's estimated that:

  • 20% of all people (and indeed all mammals) are highly sensitive.

  • While not all creative people are  highly sensitive - its suspected that all highly-sensitive people are creative.

  • Heightened sensitivity can present in many ways, it may be just one or multiple senses effected, or even extra-sensory perception may be present.

  • It may be physical, mental, emotional, intuitive, empathic or other.

  • It has many gifts and evolutionary benefits for the group. Highly sensitive members are usually the first to sense and alert the group to any danger for example. 

  • HSP can get overwhelmed more easily as they may experience stimuli more intensely. 

  • Anxiety, depression, overwhelm and feelings of 'differentness' can be common negative experiences associated with HSPs.

  • Creativity, empathy, intuition, alertness, instinctual knowing, and compassion are some positive experiences associated with being an HSP.


Hello fellow sensitive creative person

I know you have lots of ideas, goals and possibly a sense of mission you want to achieve. Perhaps a book, album, blog, or business that you are wanting to share with the world.

But if you are creative, highly sensitive, or A-typically minded in any way, you may find yourself easily overwhelmed and struggling more than you want to be.


This is where therapy and coaching with someone who gets you can be a life-changing, self-affirming, and wildly supportive experience.

You are different. Only 20% of all mammals are thought to be highly sensitive. That puts us in the minority - and we feel that deeply on some level. It should be celebrated and supported but can often lead to self doubt or criticism if we aren't aware of how to manage our sensitivities.


I can help you master negative internal dialogues, heal old wounds and connect to your inner creative magic.

I am a fellow HSP, multi-creative, therapist and coach that supports highly-sensitive, creative people with their goals, mission and mindset. If you'd like to find out more, get in touch via my contact page.

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Is it time to 'upgrade' your subconscious?

There are so many wonderful people out there with so much to offer the world but they're walking around feeling blocked, stuck, isolated, anxious or low. Can you relate?

Heart-centred people tend to be gifted with creativity and sensitivity and because of the way they process the world can feel things more intensely than most. Without a nurturing environment and good self care, past hurts, wounds and distorted beliefs can accumulate and hold us back from sharing our light with the world.

We all upgrade our phones and computers to make sure they are running at their most efficient. Yet some of us are walking around having never upgraded the most essential and unique element of our lives and business - ourselves.

This means old beliefs, and self-sabotaging limitations that we picked up years ago, often as far back as children, can end up running the show and keeping us small, making life can feel harder than it needs to.

If you feel blocked and like something is holding you back, you might benefit from the mental-emotional upgrade you can achieve by working with a holistic therapist and coach, like myself.


Together we'll look at healing subconscious beliefs that no longer serve you, release traumas (big or small), and find and release the root cause of physical, mental or emotional issues.


Then we'll install beneficial and empowering beliefs that better support your mission, life and well being.

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Contact me to book your session. Feel free to include a couple of preferred dates and times, which kind of session you are interested in and any questions you might have. I will get back to you asap.


All sessions are currently conducted over zoom.

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